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App Hacks

What kind of app hacks are out there?

App Hacks

Apps can be vulnerable to many different hacks and attacks. This doesn’t just include the app itself, but also IT systems – such as servers – that interact with the app. Also the connections between apps and the server may be vulnerable to attack.

iOS & Android

Both iOS & Android apps can be vulnerable to hacks and attacks. This may be due to security flaws within the app itself, but also security issues within the IT infrastructure, linking the app backend servers and the app.


To test the app security, the testing has to cover both the app itself and the interactions between the app and the server. Only with this full testing coverage can the full range of app security flaws be uncovered.

This website is brought to you by Pat Walsh, a freelance App and Website tester, working in London and online. It is the online resource for my App Security Testing services. Currently in the R&D phase, developing App Security Testing services, to offer in addition to the testing services I currently provide to many customers.

App Security

Security for your iOS & Android apps
Secure your apps

App Security is becoming more and more important to app developers and end users. After all, who wants their app and their private information to be hacked? Your apps themselves may be vulnerable to hackers - and also your IT infrastructure and the connections between it and your apps...

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